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Internet Advocacy Project (2002)

Project Description:
SPRY conducted baseline research on ways in which the Internet is being used for advocacy, particularly concerning health and senior-health related issues. This baseline research was carried out during the Spring of 2002, and led to a think tank forum meeting on July 18, 2002 in Palo Alto, California. Think tank participants brainstormed several new ideas about how the Internet could be used for advocacy.

Internet Advocacy Demo:
SPRY developed a brief, 3.5-minute mock-up of a personalized, Web-based, advocacy model. For purposes of this demonstration, names, organizations, and issues have been fictionalized and statements do not, in any way, represent the position of the SPRY Foundation.

To view the demo you will need MicroSoft PowerPoint. If you do not already have this application, please download this free plug-in before you attempt to view the presentation.

View the Internet Advocacy Demo

View SPRY's Internet Advocacy Research Report

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