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Communicating With Older Adults: A Guide for Health Care and Senior Service Professionals and Staff

A publication providing research-based guidance on how to communicate more effectively with older adult patients, clients, and customers.

    Project Description:
    The SPRY Foundation received a grant from the Retirement Research Foundation in 2000 to develop a publication for health care and other professionals working with older adults on how to communicate more effectively in a variety of settings. The publication includes sections for health care professionals and clinical care workers, pharmacists and pharmacy staff, long term care and assisted living providers, and senior information and referral specialists. Based upon SPRY's research into older adult learning and communication, the publication offers practical advice on how to improve the quality of the interactions between seniors and those who provide care for them. The publication is available both in print and CD-ROM formats from Caresource Healthcare Communications (http://www.caresource.com/communicating.htm, 1-800-448-5213).

    Retirement Research Foundation
    Caresource Healthcare Communications

    Project Status:
    The guide is published and available via hard copy and CD-ROM from Caresource Healthcare.

    Retirement Research Foundation: http://www.rrf.org
    Caresource Healthcare Communications: http://www.caresource.com

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