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CaregiverPA (2002)

CaregiverPA web site is a model program for a given state government to display state and county-specific caregiving information.

    Project Description:
    SPRY was contracted to design a web site serving individuals and caregiving professionals who need guidance and/or specific information related to caregiving matters. The site is designed to be exceptionally "user friendly" and provide detailed state- and county-specific information.

    The information from all 67 counties in Pennsylvania has now been updated and accessible on the Internet. The current activity is to develop a plan for sustainability in Pennsylvania for the third year and beyond. Currently, the team is developing an approach for a guide that will be used as a deliverable for any state to use in replicating this web site.

    State Participants:
    In May 2002, representatives from six states participated in a Master Internet Training session and a state web site development activity. The representatives are listed below.

    State State Director of Aging Internet Master Training Representatives May 20-23, 2002 State Web Site Representatives May 29-31, 2002
    Arkansas Herb Sanderson Diane Broadway
    Teresa Smith
    Ron Tatus
    Delaware Carolee Burson Kunz Lori Eickman
    Leah Jones
    Iowa Judith Conin Cynthia Beauman
    Ginny Paulson
    Denise Kramer
    Maryland Sue Ward Sue Vaeth
    Dakota Burgess
    Janice Bzrenski
    Pamela Tainter-Causey
    Nevada Mary Liveratti Shannon Coday
    Debbie Enos
    Diane Ross
    Pennsylvania Lori Gerhard
    (Acting Director)
    Jennie Shaffer
    Amy Schweitzer

    Administration on Aging
    Pennsylvania Department of Aging
    Pennsylvania State University Gerontology Center
    Heinz Family Foundation

    Caregiver PA - http://caregiverpa.psu.edu
    Pennsylvania State University Gerontology Center - http://geron.psu.edu
    Administration on Aging - www.aoa.gov
    Pennsylvania Department of Aging - www.aging.state.pa.us

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