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SPRY Informs NCOA/ASA Attendees

March 17, 2003
At the March 13-16, 2003 joint meeting of the National Council on the Aging/American Society on Aging (NCOA/ASA) in Chicago, Illinois, Dr. Russell Morgan, President of the SPRY Foundation, and Dr. Ann Benbow, Director of Adult Learning & Technology for SPRY, participated in several sessions relating to Successful Aging, the mission of the SPRY Foundation.

On the first day of the conference, Dr. Morgan conducted a workshop entitled: "Human Rights: A New Voice for Aging Advocacy." Workshop participants learned about the origins of human rights world-wide, reviewed an example of human rights as an advocacy tool for the U.S. and explored the relationship of human rights to aging issues, including retirement security, health care and long term care.

Ann Benbow gave two presentations during the conference, one focusing on "Science Across the Generations," SPRY's intergenerational program conducted in conjunction with the Oasis Centers. The program brings grandparents and their grandchildren together in a variety of educational experiences around basic concepts of science in their daily lives. Dr. Benbow's second session introduced the concepts contained in "Communicating with Older Adults", a new guide she developed for the SPRY Foundation that provides research-based guidance for Health Care and Senior Service professionals and staff to help them communicate more effectively with the older adults they serve.

On the final day of the ACOA/ASA conference, Dr. Morgan gave testimony at a Town Hall Listening Session chaired by the HHS Assistant Secretary of the Administration on Aging, Josefina Carbonell and a panel of distinguished experts from the field of aging. He used the forum to address actions the Aging Network in the United States can take to strengthen our long-term care system for older adults. Specifically, Dr. Morgan focused on the importance of basic human rights education as a core component to strengthen the long-term care system, the critical need for prevention-oriented health and financial behavior on the part of individuals as they age, and the critical role that computer-based technology will play as a key component to support family caregiving strategies for the immediate future.

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SPRY Informs NCOA/ASA Attendees

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