Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: How many people participated in the conference?

A1: A total of over 300 people participated in this year's conference.

Q2: What areas of health care did the attendees represent?

A2: Government agencies accounted for 67 guests, institutes of higher learning accounted for 52, nonprofit organizations accounted for 57, independent consultants accounted for 11, private organizations accounted for 30, and 49 were unknown.

Q3: How were people informed about the conference?

A3: Out of a total of 337 registrants 72 were contacted by a colleague, 50 by email, 13 by flyers, five by postcard, 21 came through the SPRY website, and 176 reported other or unknown.

Q4: What professional roles did the registrants represent?

Health or Caregiver providers numbered 50, management professionals numbered 68, educators numbered 36, researchers numbered 63, public policy/ethics professionals numbered 17, technology developers numbered 19, members of the media numbered 12, and 71 were other or unknown.

For any additional questions please see the final press release.


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