Electronic demonstrations

More than a dozen researchers prepared electronic demonstrations of technologies that were used for meeting caregiving needs. Demonstrations included:

AARP on Caregiving and Technology. Resources and recent research, consumer information, and other AARP activities related to older adults, computers, and technology.

Life Ledger™ An Internet-Based caregiver support system developed by Elder Issues.

Link2Care. An Internet-Based caregiver support program developed for caregivers of adults with dementia, provides information, education and support on demand.

Generations on Line. A national program to simplify the Internet for seniors with step-by-step on screen directions.

Medication Adherence & The Caregiver. The MD.2 is a personal, medication dispensing system that organizes, reminds, dispenses and tracks medications, which is fully web-enabled for professionals.

ADL Monitoring, Early Detection, Early Warning via the Internet. This system is an unobtrusive, electronic daily living reporting system, which gathers data on the routine activities of elders without altering the elders' normal behavior.

Health Compass: Navigating Research on Health and Aging. A new web site sponsored by the Merck Institute of Aging & Health and the American Federation for Aging research, which is designed to help older adults and their caregivers locate and better understand new research on aging and health.

CareGiverPA Website. One of the first state-specific, consumer-oriented web sites developed in Pennsylvania by the Penn State University Gerontology Center in conjunction with the Pennsylvania Department of Aging and the SPRY Foundation.

Patient-Enabled System for Managing Health Information. Peoplechart is an independent service provider offering an integrated solution for managing medical records and personal health information.

Managing Chronic Conditions of the Elderly via Viterion Telehealth Technology. Viterion telehealth vital sign technology designed to manage congestive heart failure patients in their homes.

Evaluating Health Information on the Web Using the Internet for Older Adult Caregiving. A hands-on guide for older adults and caregivers and multi-media program to help caregivers (and seniors) find and use web-based resources on health, insurance, benefits, and senior services.

SENIOR WEB PAL: Keeping Senior Living Communities Connected. A senior friendly application designed to help residents connect and navigate easily, plus connect to facility and amenities through using "Seniorweb pal."

Benefits Checkup: High Tech Helps Seniors Find Benefits. NCOA developed an Internet-based national benefits screening service for older adults.

Intelligent Mobility AIDS. Investigators at the University of Pittsburgh and AT Sciences are collaborating on several projects in which technology originally developed for mobile robots is applied to rehabilitation technology for individuals with mobility impairments.

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